Most Suitable Option to Track Employees Internet Activities!!

In the present scenario, there is an increasing need to track and analyze employee Internet activity during office hours. The reason as to why there is an increasing need to keep track of the employee activity is that there is a significant increase in the Internet misuse by employees during their work hours.

In small, medium as well as large organizations, almost everywhere employees are found making an improper use of the Internet during their working hours. They may be expected to use Internet for official purposes. However, majority of employees use Internet less for official tasks and more for non-official and personal tasks.

Internet misuse at the workplace may significantly reduce the overall productivity which in turn may cost employers thousands of dollars every day.

Apart from this, employee Internet monitoring is crucial when you need to ensure corporate information security and protect your organization from fraudulent activities.

In case of absence of an employee Internet monitoring, some malicious employees may transfer some crucial and sensitive organizational information to someone outside the organization. However, with the help of a professional and efficient PC activity monitor tool, you can easily and efficiently monitor such attempts and keep such attempts at bay.

In case a professional and efficient PC activity monitor tool is installed on your employees’ computer systems, they would be de motivated to transfer any organizational sensitive information to anyone outside the organization. The mere thought of being monitored, would control and refrain your employees in using Internet for personal usage.

Therefore, looking at the current scenario, a professional and comprehensive PC activity monitor tool becomes the need of the hour.

A PC activity monitor tool enables you to monitor your employees from a remote computer system; the only condition is that all the users that you want to monitor must be in a network. Moreover, with the help of a professional PC activity monitor tool, you can monitor more than one users simultaneously.

Also, you can install the PC activity monitor software on your employees computer systems without their knowledge.

A number of PC activity monitor tools are available in the market. You must carefully choose the one that suits your requirements.

However, you might feel a bit confused while deciding upon as to which PC activity monitor tool to choose in order to monitor your employees’ Internet activities, we would like to suggest you to download and experience working on the free trial version of the PC activity monitor tool. This would help you in evaluating the tool’s functionality and performance before actually purchasing the tool.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is a stupendous, brilliantly designed, and output-driven PC activity monitor tool that is capable of monitoring multiple users from a remote machine in a network. With the help of Employee Desktop Live Viewer, you can easily and almost effortlessly monitor multiple employees in a network from a remote computer system.

Moreover, this tool comes integrated with a self-explanatory and easy to use graphical user interface that does not require any special technical expertise to work on it. This feature helps novice or non-technical users to easily work on it. To know more about Employee Desktop Live Viewer visit —

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