Let’s Talk About January 6th

What are we talking about?

The incident has a few names. The Wilmington Massacre, The Wilmington Coup, but the most common name is The Wilmington Insurrection of 1898. It occurred on November 10th, 1898

What is the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898?

Even though North Carolina underwent Reconstruction, the Democrats had retaken political control of most of the state relying on a toxic combination of voter fraud and voter suppression using violent armed groups during the 1870s and the 1880s. Despite this, they only had solid political control of the western half of North Carolina. In the 1890s, Republicans and smaller Populist Parties had formed various fusionist governments with black and white elected officials, and they began to win statewide elections. This continued till the North Carolina Midterm Elections of 1898 when Democrats once again used force to prevent Black people and Republicans from voting. In this way, the Democrats retook the State Legislature and many local offices, however, they were unable to retake the city government of Wilmington North Carolina as the City Council and Mayor were not up for election that year.


Waddell and his mob immediately banished the White Republican officials from the city after beating and humiliating them. Waddell’s mob then continued to terrorize and lynch the black population of Wilmington for days. Despite taking power through illegitimate methods, Waddell remained the mayor of Wilmington till 1906. There were no legal repercussions for the rioters despite the multitude of eyewitness testimonies. In 2000 the North Carolina State Legislature commissioned a report on the Wilmington Insurrection. While the findings released 6 years later were slightly whitewashed to minimalize the connection between these events and the current Democratic Party, the report did say that the massacre was “Part of a statewide effort to put White Supremacist Democrats in office and stem the political advances of Black Citizens.”

So What Does This Have to Do with January 6th Again?

Well as we said at the start, Democrats have tried to send the message that January 6th was an insurrection. It wasn’t however. In fact, nothing that took place on January 6th even comes close to what happened in Wilmington. The FBI has even said there is no evidence the events of January 6th were an organized attempt to overthrow the government. In fact, the actions that were taken by those who entered the capitol actually hurt their cause as it discouraged many politicians who were initially opposed to certifying the 2020 electoral college results until audits were done to address irregularities during the election. The whole incident at best could be considered just a mere riot. However, despite this, it is being marketed as an insurrection and people who were arrested in connection to the event are being treated like political prisoners even though the majority of them are facing minor charges like trespassing and vandalism. One man was even forced by a judge at sentencing to pledge an oath of loyalty to Joe Biden and his administration as a condition of his sentencing.

What is the Difference Between January 6th and the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898?

This small chart highlights the differences between January 6th and an ACTUAL insurrection:



William Hellmann is a Baltimore-based Conservative writer and author of “Big Fat Liars: The 9 Core Lies of The Left-Wing Establishment. williamjhellmann.com

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