How to Throw a Perfect Hook in MMA?

Lower Body Hook

Lower body is all about how you manage to distribute your weight. Remember, when you are throwing a punch, always start from the ground up and distribute weight 60/40. 60% of the weight distribution should be on your leading leg. Throwing punches is all about shifting the weight and how you manage to distribute it. When you throw a punch or a cross the weight distribution remains the same, however most of the weight is now on your rear leg instead of the leading leg.

Upper Body Hook

As for the hands, it would be like you are making a right handed turn with your left hand being on the steering wheel. Your hand starts off on the left side of the imaginary steering wheel and goes to the top of it at the completion of the hook punch (the palm facing down). You make contact with the large two knuckles of the hand. Your forearm at this point should be in front of your face between you and your opponent with your chin tucked behind your lead shoulder. Your lead hip, shoulder and foot turns in unison with the punch with all ending at the same time.

Some fighters drop their hands before throwing a punch in order to generate more power. This is not the right technique for inexperience fighters. Instead try to develop technique that won’t make you vulnerable for a counter attack. As soon as you have thrown your punch, return to your original guard position. You can move your head and follow up with more punches if your target is in your range.

The above mentioned technique of landing a perfect hook are for beginners. Now as a fighter you have to practice in the gym and spar a lot wearing MMA gloves or fighting gloves to perfect your technique.