Hallelujah is the Allahu Akbar of White Supremacy.

Short thought on Islamaphobia.

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Politicians want me to be afraid that they are going to bomb me.

White Atheists tell me/us about how it is in the doctrine of these “scary” Muslims that anybody who is not a Muslim must bow to Islam.

I look around me and I see White Christians on the street level, the cultural level and legislatively demanding that I/We bow to White Christianity

Even between White People, they’ll use their brand of Christianity to oppress each other.

They conflate wealth with morality and blame their own systematically impoverished for being in the underclass that their capitalism requires to exist.

They’ll pick and choose which bible verse to interpret as convenient to oppress their own white lgbt community.

They’ll point past stewards of the land to blatantly ignore and and carelessly advance climate change.

The White Christians are the real problem and due to White Supremacy being the top priority, even the white atheists put their differences aside and joint them in trying to make me/us worry about Islam.