Something I focus on is the argument.

What you have to say to the person who disagrees or hasn’t been exposed to ideas outside of the conventional wisdom.

Think about how many chairs exist.

In our homes, schools, government buildings, privately owned buildings.

In the garbage, about to go in the garbage.

In the store that haven’t been sold yet. 
In the warehouse that haven’t been shipped to the store yet.

Chairs being manufactured that aren’t even in the distribution system yet.

The chair game is OVER. 
We don’t need to make anymore.

We can use the ones that already exist and repair the ones that are damaged.

Extrapolate that to other products.

We have supply sided ourselves out of necessity for a great many of the products that people are out shopping for RIGHT NOW TODAY.

That argument is how I’ve made countless young people question and even reject the system of capitalism.

Don’t just run up on someone with this argument.

Make it organic and fit in the casual interaction.

Do this from person to person.

It’s rooted in fact and it’s compelling.

Use it.

….mic drop.

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