The contradictions of “I hope a lot of Catholics vote for Trump and the Straight Republican ticket”

I scanned your reply but life is too short to read a lot of bullshit. You make assumptions about my politics and faith and you know nothing about either. Actually I am a liberal or progressive Democrat that is fed up with the lies and deceit of the Democrats and their phony rhetoric about the victimization of various groups which you alude to. I am not a victim because Mr. Halpern threatens or insults the integrity of my faith nor am I a member of some repressive hateful bigoted faith because I don’t agree with Hillary Clinton or Obama. What arrogance and pomposity to think their puny petty intellects are superior to the thoughts of thousands of people over thousands of years struggling with the deepests ideas about life to discover what God wants from mankind. Do you want to put smug faced Obama up against Aquinas or Plato or Chesterton?

I am someone, who is proud of my faith and the country that loves and defends liberty and a lot of that comes from the understanding that when the Klan or any other bigoted group attacks my faith or my nation I will take them face on. I don’t let the Klan march around my home as they did my grandmother’s home and I don’t take my children down into a coal cellar to hide for fear the Klan will kill my family and I don’t keep my mouth shut in the face of bigotry by Mr. Halpern or anyone else. You take liberties when you assign motives to my thoughts and feelings. I’m third generation army and I’ve seen the carnage of war that comes because people dismissed evil and kept silent about injustice. You don’t get to form groups and organizations constructed to divide or destroy my faith because you have a perverse agenda you want to drive down people’s throats.

Give the money taken in taxes from Roman Catholics to fund Planned parenthood’s murderous agenda and I will give my share to my Catholic priest to teach Catholic children why murder is morally wrong.

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