Sounds like a typical good Catholic.
Marie Yount

What does NPT mean? Is that some young hipster talk? “Hey, Yo Yo Yo”. Yea I can dig it. My generation use to say “Groovy” . I never said it because I though people that talked like that were really out of it… but I would sell them dope. Anyway…

My grandmother was a trained nurse and had to go back to work during the depression and did a lot of work helping babies be born into a healthy safe environment. A midwife, that’s what they called them and she had a picture in her and my grandfather’s bedroom of a baby sleeping and I have it on the wall up in the den. Pretty picture. Somebody said it was worth money. My grandmother would come home from doing her nursing duties and would sit down to rest and just like clock work that old Klan would come by the house with their white hoods and sheets and scare the hell out of my grandmother. I did not get a lot of details bucause it was not a pleasant subject. I mean, the flaming cross or the American flag or maybe they had the school band and a flag saying they were the Grand Knights of the Grand Kafu, Third Degree. But I hear Margaret and the Klan were pretty close buddies and were getting that hate stuff going full blast. marching up and down Pennsylvania Avenue in their white sheets. Looked like a convention of bed sheet salesmen were it not for that stuff about lynching black people.that kind of made them a bit dangerous and disliked by most Americans.

So what’s this stuff about killing babies and Margaret Sanger. Listen Margaret Sanger was a pig and she hated the Catholic church so it should not be a surprise that she preached hate and eugenics to the Klan. She believed in birth control and stopping all those poor stupid children being born who were a burden on society. They thought funny in those days. Darwin and Huxley were bigots and though people that did not look like them0 or talk like them were inferior people and should be eliminated to make room for what Nietzsche called the Overman. The Overman was people like Andrew Carnegie and the Rockefellers and folks that had a lot of money and no brains. You have them today. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet give a lot of money to Planned Parenthood. They are fixing the world so unwanted babies can’t live. I guess that’s some black kid in Africa that is retarded and has malaria. Bill Gates knows how to run the planet because he developed a computer language which shows how smart he is as opposed to Mother Teresa who picked unwanted kids out of the gutter and showed them love and fed them. You see if you don’t kill them they may grow up to be as smart as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and get into that super Overman club and find a cure for cancer or like Jonas Salk (one of those Jews that the Klan hated) did for my generation so we would not have to live in iron lungs.

Marie, being poor or not having an I.Q over 110 does not make you a bad or worthless person. Being a Catholic or a Jew does not make you a bigot. Most of the Jews, Christian and Catholics I’ve met in life were loving caring people who thought their children were the next Einstein or Billy Graham and would wear out their holy books praying for their children’s safety.

Don’t think it was the times that made Margaret Sanger do what she did. Poverty or people’s living standards does not excuse or condone murder. There are poor people all over the world that suffer but culling them out for murder does not help humanity or make mankind one penny richer. Perhaps it makes or enforces others opinions of themselves that they are special in some way because they can look down their nose at humanity for God knows what reason but feeding their ego’s by killing babies seems pretty disgusting and degenerate to me.

When your heart reaches some place where you think of a child as a clump of cells you are back in Germany pushing your baton against some old Jewish woman’s face thinking she deserves to die for the good of the Reich.

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