Best 10 Video Monetization Platforms: How To Make Money Without YouTube

William Jones
Oct 4, 2017 · 5 min read

Videos have the explosive power to make anything and everything become hot news around the world in seconds. Mobiles and abundant Internet bandwidth have also made it convenient for users to stream any video at their comfort. Should we say more about the binge watching on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and the rest?

The world of on demand video subscription is so massive and potent, that even media giants like Disney are rolling up their sleeves to launch VOD platforms of their own. The market potential is growing at arithmetical proportions and currently, in Europe alone, it is estimated to be hovering in the €4.2 Billion market size range.

If you have been plotting to build a subscription video on demand website, the time is just ripe. These platforms and video on demand solution providers are offerings a quick-to-market way to build, customize and launch your own video platform.

Here is the list of top picks for video monetization platforms:

Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay is a pre-built video on demand solution that is armored with multi-layered video security systems (AES encryption, IP based access control, DRM, Watermarking, etc) which makes it a perfect option for video monetization. Subscription video on demand, Television video on demand, Advert-based video on demand, pay per view are some of the video monetization platforms that Contus Vplay offers to video creators, video broadcasters, publishers and the rest of the world that wants to monetize video.

The Best:

  • 100% Customizable Solution
  • One-time Fee
  • Live and video on demand solution
  • Cloud Transcoding
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Deeper Engagement and Actionable Insights, etc


Ooyala is a front-runner in providing video logistics. Ooyala’s video streaming platform helps video creators, publishers, online tutors, entertainment industries to monetize video content with integrated paywall systems. To further empower the decision making prowess of website owners, Ooyala provides powerful analytic tools that show granular level details of video reach, audience segmentation, revenue collected and much more.

The Best

  • OTT Video Monetization
  • Mobile Video Monetization
  • Personalized Video Content Delivery


Vplayed is a white-label online video monetization platform with powerful features to stream videos to any nook and corner of the world. It helps to monetize video in the form of subscription video on demand, advertising revenue or even transaction based monetization. Vplayed also allows users to purchase or rent their videos through paywall integrated video websites. It also allows channel partners to upload their video under a specific dashboard with analytical insights.

The Best

  • Entirely Flexible Video Monetization Solution
  • Reliable Video Hosting
  • End-to-end Video Encryption
  • Multi-screen Compatible Video Player
  • Branding & Video Ownership


Muvi has earned the first-choice position as a video monetization platform provider for many including small and medium enterprises for whom video is business is has video in business. Muvi’s reliable and scalable solutions help enterprises enter the market quickly with full-fledged, user-friendly video streaming websites.

The Best:

  • Multi-lingual Video Platform
  • Social Media Integration
  • Server Side Security a& Paywall


Brightcove is a high-tech grounded video monetization platform provider that offers cutting-edge video publishing and monetization opportunities for video creators and publishers. Brightcove’s monetization workflow revolves around metadata driven ads, standards compliant advertising workflow, ad server integrations among many others.

The Best

  • Powerful Partner Ecosystem
  • Absolute Video Security
  • Video Playback


Oculu offers an integrated video on demand platform with a player that plays video in high-definition clarity. The video player is bolted with HTML5 responsive video player which enables 360-degree video delivery. Oculu is the best choice as a video monetization platform for video broadcasters, enterprises, ad networks, media houses and agencies.

The Best

  • Fully Adaptive and Responsive
  • Multi-screen video monetization platform


Kaltura is an industry-leading video on demand platform that has helps monetize video in myriad forms including: advertising, period-based subscriptions, transaction based purchases and so on. Kaltura offers several in-built tools that abate the complexity in processing and measuring video subscription.

The Best

  • Powerful Video Enrichment Tools
  • Cloud Video Transcoding
  • Multi-account Management


VideoCorpus is a multi-format Video Monetization models. The solution offers video solutions that helps enterprises across industries develop and launch a video on demand website with ad, transaction and on demand video monetization.

The Best

  • Robust Video Monetization Services
  • Cross platform Insights
  • Strong Partner Ecosystems

Monetize Media

As the name suggests, Monetize Media is an easy and flawless way to monetize videos across multiple channels without compromising on quality and security. the Monetize Media’s video player comes integrated with paywall which turns the video into a cash generation funnel than being just another media player on the Internet.

The Best

  • Advanced Video Content Management
  • Dynamic Video Player
  • Quick to Publish

Play Wire

Ad integrations, global video distribution, in-built video cue points are the highlight features of Play Wire. Play wire offers several platform APIs, player APIs as well WordPress plugins to give video creators and publishers maximum flexibility in showcasing their video content to the world at large.

The Best

  • Online Video Platform
  • Powerful Analytics

Final Words

Video Monetization strategies require the right set of tools for turning videos into revenue generating assets. However, for individuals and media houses who operate on a shoestring budget, it is not always possible to design, develop and launch video subscription based video on demand websites from scratch. The need is a video monetization platform provider that can help monetize video content effortlessly within the player.

These monetize video content do just that in an elegant manner. Pick your choice and start building and launching your online video platform in no time.

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