How to Start a Subscription Video on-Demand Service like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Hotstar?

For decades, cable companies have held the monopoly over what we see, when we see it and in what picture quality we see it. Subscription based video on demand services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. introduced cord cutting and brought an end to all of that.

A subscription video streaming website empowers viewers with a single remote and the freedom to access a whole universe of media and entertainment at their convenience.

In fact, video tech has grown so far and wide that one can even set up their own video on demand website.

How Subscriber Video On Demand (SVOD) Service Generates Revenue?

SVOD are fixed time based video rentals, passes or streaming services which allows users to watch videos by paying a weekly, monthly, seasonal or flat rate.

They are characterized by features that give viewers the liberty to choose:

  • when to he watch the program
  • in what device to watch, and
  • For how long the video can run

They also offer a host of categories to pick from, like:

  • Comedy
  • Documentaries
  • Movies
  • Series
  • Standup comedies
  • Full-feature films
  • Cartoons
  • And several others

The media content streamed usually includes movies, television series, game shows, sports seasons, etc. Unlike traditional TV, SVOD delivers high-quality media content which is refreshed from time to time based on current trends.

Since the media content is not downloaded or transferable by any means, it assures a secure and renewable revenue for the content owners.

Eg: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar, etc.

How to Create Video Subscription Website like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. on your own Platform?

YouTube and the host of other video streaming websites are awesome, for the user. But, for a media agency of publisher who wants to have total control over their videos (and its monetization) a subscription based video on demand solution on their platform is a must-have.

But, building SVOD sites like Netflix is a Herculean task. One that requires massive amount of resources, both technical manpower and equipment wise. Or, is that so?

Presenting Contus Vplay — the simplest way possible to Build Netflix like Online Video Subscription Website.

How Contus Vplay Helps in Launching a Subscription Video Streaming Service

A few seconds ads or several full-length feature films, you can make your video work and earn profit for you with Contus Vplay. Think of it as a quick way to explore the hidden earning potential of your video.

Here is why Contus Vplay ranks as an a best ally to create subscription video on demand service like Netflix.

#1. Readymade yet customizable

Contus Vplay has the foundation ready to launch a stream-ready subscription VOD website. As a solution it is extremely customizable to fit in the business and video logistic requirements.

The customization extends both the backend controls as well frontend interface designs. Right from how viewers sign up for trials to extending their subscription as well as categorizing videos in the background, everything can be customized end-to-end.

#2. Build to any scale with AWS cloud hosting

Video subscriptions and viewership can skyrocket in under an hour. The SVOD channel must be built to withstand peak traffic volumes without suffering downtimes.

Contus Vplay relies on the legendary AWS cloud hosting bolted with WAF and Shield security measures for video hosting and streaming. AWS hosting helps rapid scalability without requiring your business to lock in large sums of money as capital.

#3. Low latency delivery

Your videos will stream in high quality even if viewers have a low latency network connectivity. Contus Vplay leverages CDNs extensively to ensure that your viewers get a glitch-free smooth video experience without any bandwidth constraints.

#4. Impregnable security with three-tier controls

Contus Vplay deploys multi-tier security measures like AES encryption, Digital Rights Management and Access control. These security measures ensure that your video website is kept insulated from all kinds of video plagiarism efforts.

#5. In-built player

n an-built player integrated with options for pay per view monetization, download restriction, video playback quality selection and much more.

Netflix started in 1997 with 925 DVDs provided on pay-per-rent. Today, it has become a synonym for the entire subscription video on demand business model.

Contus Vplay helps you build from ground up a Netflix like subscription video on demand business model and scale it without any limits.