People will care about what you do, but they will never care about what you…

Try this exercise.

I will do the exercise below.

Pick a few people who are well known that you admire.

I pick Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Martin Luther King.

List their achievements

Albert wrote 250 papers, Picasso did 1000’s of pieces of art, King gave more than 350 speeches.

Now list their most notable achievements

Albert -> General Relativity

Picasso -> The Weeping Woman (for example)

Martin Luther King -> His Dream Speech.

We remember what they achieved. This is how we define them, by their greatest achievements.

People will care about what you do, but they will never care about what you…


Is this some joke of an anti-climatic punchline? Yes and No.

I don’t think I have ever asked my friends what they eat most of the time.

But I do know what most of my friends do most of the time. But what has lead them to do these things ? One key aspect is, of course, what you ingest.

Anyone who is famous for their work, do you ever recall asking yourself:

What did they eat for breakfast / lunch / dinner?

Only you will give a fuck about what you put into your body.

Everyone else will give many fucks about what you do, what you contribute to the world.

But you cannot contribute to the world if you do not treat your body right, to eat right, to eat food for fuel, not just because one is bored as fuck.

Your body is the only place you will ever have to live.

So take care of it.

I encourage you to go find out what Einstein, Picasso, King ate during breakfast, lunch, dinner most of the time.

Did this help them produce some of their greatest work ?

Leave your research and comments below!