Thinking Outside the Box versus Not Knowing What a Box Is
Ted Carter

Right On, Ted!

A very well said, clear, precise and extremely lucid image of our Idiot In Chief…..What a PUTZ!!!

A very long time ago, it actually seems like a lifetime ago, I had an idea that there must be some sort of an adult, mature, logical game plan if tRump won the election, but NO! Collectively as a group, the members of his entire cabal are just a bunch of dumb ass’s regarding ANYTHING having to do with mature and proper adult behavior in a political situation. Dim Bulbs, the lot of them!

Like you said, he’s just a stupid idiot, totally out of his depth in the shallow end of the gene pool and there is and never was, a“genius behind the curtain” manipulating the clown we all saw then and still see now. tRump is JUST THAT STUPID!!!

Now that we have a lot of information about the major players from the campaign ( third raters the lot of them ) and a lot of information regarding appointments to the Cabinet, the “revolving door” White House staff.

Don’t even get me started about the very revealing observations regarding his adult children as I truly believe that they share and pass around the single, available, sibling brain cell.