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How to teach yourself data science, earning data science jobs through projects, and other lessons from my interview on the Towards Data Science podcast.

Talking is a lot like writing in that it forces you to formulate vague ideas into understandable, concrete concepts. Often, we think we know an idea, but we don’t truly comprehend the theory unless we can communicate it clearly in words to someone else. That forced understanding through communication is partly what drove me to write about data science in the first place, and what drove me to speak recently on the Towards Data Science podcast.

In the episode, we (me and the host YK from CS Dojo) talk about how I self-taught myself data science, how I earned two data science jobs through my projects, how to make learning data science enjoyable, a top-down approach to learning, and other advice from my journey into the data science field. You can listen to the whole episode (and all other episodes of the TDS podcast) for free on Spotify. …


Will Koehrsen

Data Scientist at Cortex Intel, Data Science Communicator

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