A Reformation Won’t Remove Politics From Islam
War Is Boring

It’s not just Islam that has the problem that belief trumps reality? (Spot the unintended irony). Even secular Democracy suffers from the idea that belief is more important than evidence.

We live in an age where we have such huge amounts of Data combined with complex analysis that you have to wonder if democracy also needs a reformation in regards to how much public opinion is required in the way we govern ourselves.

Technocracy is the logical path but how do you square technocracy with the irrational and prejudicial, emotional thinking that abounds? Simple…..EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION.

When folk better understand reality they will be less likely to buy into the twisted reality and falsehood that others sell so as to gain power. Same goes for religion, which is really just politics with a Big Sky Bogeyman thrown in for good measure.

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