I think the key thing to remember is that these are future systems.
W Davis

these b-21’s will be very expensive eggs, as are a crew.

Personally i think the USAF, as a service, see themselves being threatened by smart tech, and instead of embracing change for the good of the US, they instead reach out for their protective blanket — the manned Bomber.

If they want to be smart then they would look again at Arsenal Planes which are a lot cheaper, and therefore way more plentiful along with any future cruise.

When the Bomber came about it was viewed as needed so as too destroy the enemies Arms production facilities. A large bomb load was a necessity as hitting targets was hard, and you had to fly over them as well, but that is no longer the case now. A current generation cruise can be lobbed a thousand miles, choose its own route, I.D. the target, and fly straight through your bedroom window, if your bedrooms the target.

The Space Shuttle was a serious error of judgement and a expensive lesson of design failure, so i expect the B-21 to be also a repetition of the same failure of reason.

We can only wait and see though.

But hey, its good to engage in debate

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