It’s Still a Bad Idea to Mess With the B-1B Bomber
War Is Boring

What mission, that any future bomber, come 2030 that cannot be done with a smaller, stealth drone, cruise or hypersonic missile?

To think that the USAF continues to think that manned, horribly expensive technology is the way forward is mind boggling. When will they stop thinking inside the box, whats with the constant traditional thinking?

The expected (HA!) unit cost of these Raider’s is $550m! So for 100 its $55bn! For that kind of money you could build, and Arm with 500 cruise, 50 Arsenal ships. Parking 10 such ships a couple of hundred miles from a potential aggressors coastline would scare the bejeezus out of anyone and their A2AD defences. Even arsenal subs, and arsenal transport aircraft would be better than this future Pterodactyl.

Too many Dollars being misspent on a wonder weapon that is obsolete before its even gets of the design board

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