Focus on what you have in your hand

Let’s admit it for a while we love it when everything seems under our control, when we know the end of the story, when we know what lies at the end of the road and of course when we know what will happen with our future. Though, there are people who loves surprises, when not knowing things are blessings.

However, there are lots of people love to take control of everything. Yes, I know some of us lots of money, power or influence and we have the tendencies that everything will work out if we do the work. Yes, that might be the case but I know deep inside that you know there is a small percentage that what you are doing might fail you.

Disappointment will be the fruit of our action to control stuffs that are not in our power to control. Yes, me myself used to love to control everything in my life, I tried to control other people, situations and there are times I tried to control God to work for my good. I believe that God will work for my good, but my definition of good and God’s definition of good might not be the same. When I tried to control God to work for what I thought to be good is the moment when disappointment knocked the door.

I believe that there are three things in our life that will trigger our heart. Those are: goods, people and situation. From those three things, only goods that we can control. The cellphone that we have will always be in its perfect condition when I hold it tightly, but suddenly someone accidentally bumps me and makes my phone to fall down. That thing is purely out of our control, but that is in other people’s control.

The same thing when we do good things to other people. Our good deeds, our responses are things that we can control. But, how other people react to our good deeds is totally out of our control. They can respond it back by replying our good deeds but there are also people we don’t even say thank you after that. Then, if that is the case can we blame other people? Yes we can do that, that is our response to other people’s reaction right? But, what do we feel after that? we feel disappointed with that people and the feeling of disappointment is not a good feeling and I know for some people that feeling is killing them from the inside out.

In business, no one wants to have their sales level declining, but we cannot set a certain level of sales right? by looking at the trends and histories we can predict a certain level of sales. Although, this is unhealthy but that is the very least that we can do. We try so bad to have a certain level of sales, but reality speaks differently, it appears that you need to experience a decrease that month. Then what will be your response? Disappointed with your predictions? Or will you stand up and face next month’s challenges and keep on improving your company’s product and services?

The famous story of David and Goliath is also a good example of taking out the uncontrollable thing out of our mind. When David threw his pebbles, I bet that he didn’t know whether that giant will be dead or not, there was a chance that the pebbles to be missed. But, David was a very skillful person and he believed that God of Israel will saved them. Therefore, bravely he fought Goliath and as we all know Goliath was killed by David. That’s a good story of leaving the uncontrollable and dealing with the controllable stuff.

All of us have our personal set of talent or we have our own business and job. The work to get our talent better is our controllable stuff, the hard-work, the sweat, the tears and everything is our controllable thing, but when we have to use our exercised talents in use, we only need to give our best and let God do the rest. That’s actually a really good quote to end this story.

Focus on what you have in your hand not the things that are not in your hand.