Is technology taking over?

Has technology overstepped its bounds and is now exerting too much influence over our lives instead of serving us? Does technology develop to serve our needs, or do we follow technology’s developments and by doing so change our behavior?

We have debated for this idea and never reached a definite conclusion. Here I write down some thoughts of another point of view.

We are born to work.

We are born to consume.

We are born to satisfy ourselves.

Powering by these three factors, we the people, are still the master of the technology, but not the opposite. We work to consume, consume to satisfy ourselves, and satisfy ourselves to gain happiness. With the ultimate purpose of pursuing happiness, something accompanies the human evolutionary history has born: technology. Along with every step of our history, the technology is advancing. It leads to world exploration, leads to interaction, leads to war, and it all comes to end, leads to happiness. The great exploration made by Colombia is driven by the god, gold and glory, which represented separately the happiness of the Church, the wealth, and exploration heroes; Another example is war. War never makes people happy, but it’s the best representative of how human pursue happiness. Some people might claim that the technology is what behind the massacre, like nuclear and marine. However, different leaders in the world define their own happiness, and the conflict of interests lead to the slaughter and brutality, but not technology.

Technology evolves during the process of pursuing happiness.

Our world has not taken over by technology, and what is still dominating the world, is humanity, is our desire for happiness. Technology is merely something evolved with us, and please don’t forget the beauty of humanity, when we exclaiming for the technology.