The One Piece of Writing Every Hillary Supporter Should Read
Memo Salazar

The article is nothing new. Hillary Clinton’s records have been challenged many times throughout the campaign. But that’s not the thing that matters, is it? The reason why you want to elect Bernie Sanders is because you believe he can bring on real change. But I think you forget who the president of America is. Unlike Cuba or Russia, the president of the United States of America can do little more than sign off on bills, veto bills he/she doesn’t agree with, appoint government members, and suggest motions to be passed. Like many Bernie Sanders supporters, Sanders himself seem to forget this, when he was asked how he was going to accomplish some of the things he wanted to do (i.e. break up big banks). I don’t think I need to repeat what his response was.

What we need is a president that both sides can agree on, not just the extreme left who wants to change everything. In addition, we need a president that can be held accountable to her campaign promises. Yes, I understand that you may think Bernie Sanders is inspirational, just like I think Obama was inspirational in 2008, who also promised real change. In the end, his campaign promises were thrown out the window, and he became one of Clinton’s biggest supporters. Rather than getting another 8 years of Obama (but worse, since the senate clearly will not be taking marching orders from a socialist), I would much rather vote for the change I can believe in, which is Hillary.

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