William Matheuszik on 2019’s Must-Have Cycling Equipment

You don’t have to be taking part in the Tour De France to take your cycling seriously. When you’re invested in your cycling, buying a bicycle is rarely enough — and why would it be enough when there’s an abundance of accessories and equipment to make your cycling experience so much more fulfilling?

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If you are anything like William Matheuszik the avid cycler and bicycle enthusiast, then you must be spending hours browsing online stores looking for the right gear for your cycling needs. The only drawback for such an endeavor is that you might end up with duplicate accessories and kits that you hardly ever use. So, to save you time and money we’ve compiled a list with the help of William Matheuszik of the hottest accessories you’ll need for your cycling adventures.

Shimano RC7 Shoes

We’ll start with this most important part of a cyclist’s clothing, namely the shoes. Say what you like about your bicycle and gear, but your comfort, and to a great degree, your performance as well start with a pair of sturdy and reliable shoes.

As cycling expert, William Matheuszik, points out, the more your bicycle carries you along the road, the more you’ll come to appreciate the importance of your cycling shoes. What sets the Shimano RC7 apart from other brands is its ultra-rigid, lightweight carbon fiber composite sole. The high-density leather with perforated venting offers better protection and keeps your feet cool.

Suunto 9 Watch with BARO

The outdoors enthusiast needs different gear and accessories from the average person — and nothing screams outdoorsy fiend on your wrist like a Suunto 9 watch. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or just finding your way around the pedals and handlebar, this multisport watch with its advanced GPS tracking features and extended battery modes will prove an indispensable companion on your cycling adventures. William Matheuszik states that if you like to cycle at high altitudes, then you’ll enjoy the benefits of its built-in barometer. You can also download the new Suunto app to track and share all your adventures with family and friends.

Ergon Saddle

For anyone who spends hours on their bike, the value of a comfortable saddle cannot be replaced. William Matheuszik makes a good point when he states that an ergonomic saddle is not a luxury, but rather a health necessity for any cyclist. Ergon went the extra mile in designing a saddle that is comfortable, efficient, and performance-enhancing all rolled in one. The saddle comes with a relief channel to ease the pressure on the sensitive areas in your body.

Topeak Frontloader

Speaking of comfort, have you taken long trips on your bicycle that involved camping as well? If you have then you no doubt had trouble lugging all your camping gear, sleeping bags, and extra clothes with you. That’s where the Topeak Frontloader comes into the picture. The extra-large and extremely lightweight bag can be fit easily with straps on your handlebar. It’s both durable and water-resistant and comes with an 8-liter waterproof bag to keep your belongings dry. Now you can cycle through creeks and brave the rain without getting your stuff wet.

Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

Nobody said that cycling should be boring. Just ask William Matheuszik who knows how to draw every ounce of fun out of his cycling excursions. One way to add some flare and unique style to your bicycle is with LED wheel lights. They’re easy to install and give the ride a more fun vibe. You can choose from different colors that not only get you to stand out in the crowd but also give you more visibility. The LED wheel lights are guaranteed to make you see and be seen. Cruise the streets in the evenings and see heads turn as they watch you sail down in a halo of magic lights.

Crankbrothers M19 Bicycle Multi-Tool

Not all accessories are for making the ride more fun, some are more necessary than others — and you don’t have to be an avid DIYer like William Matheuszik to carry a toolkit with you. When you’re out on a mountain trail and something happens to your bicycle, you’d need to be able to fix it and keep going. Crankbrothers M19 is a compact toolkit made from high-tensile steel. It includes spoke wrenches, a hex wrench, Torx, screwdrivers, and a chain tool. In short, it has everything you need to get your bicycle back on track again. It also comes with a lifetime warranty which is a testament to its durability and efficiency.

William Matheuszik’s Final Thoughts

Regardless of which item or items you choose from this list, your biking experience will be elevated in one way or another. William Matheuszik states that if you must limit the items you purchase, you should first take care of your safety and comfort.

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Toronto pilot with experience in commercial, private, cargo flying. Motorcycle enthusiast and avid cycler, DIYer, skiier, snowboarder, and outdoorsman.

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