On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

I finally found time to read this piece . . . very LONG. Who, other than an avid Hillary advocate, or a paid ghost writer from the Clinton campaign, would/could take the time to write something this well-done and this long? Its mere length is exhausting, and from that alone, one would be inclined to assume the writer has done her homework. Her disarming statement up front, . . . “I’m well aware that Sanders has strengths and Clinton has weaknesses, and I’m not trying to persuade anyone here to vote for her over him; what I’m trying to explain is how and why I have come to dislike him so — even though of course I’ll vote for him in the general (and even campaign for him) if I have to” After reading her piece, I have to say, are you kidding me?? Not trying to persuade anyone? Just sharing her enlightenment? What enlightened voter, . . . . who must work for a living outside of politics, could or would take the time to write this, let alone have the time to conduct even further time-consuming exhaustive research on which it is supposedly based? Certainly, a similarly-persuasive hit piece could be written on Hillary’s discrepancies . . . this IS politics, no? So, this is not an honest, “trying-to-weigh-the-facts” piece by some concerned citizen . . . it is political skullduggery.

I don’t mean to dismiss out of hand all of the author’s points. But right now there are a number of, on the surface, persuasive pieces like this circulating the internet. Being a Sanders supporter, I get all of them from friends. Might it have something to do with the New York Primary? From what I can learn, the author, Robin Alperstein, is an attorney with a NY law firm, Becker/Glynn, and her focus is: “Robin Alperstein concentrates her practice in complex commercial litigation, with a particular focus on disputes involving hedge funds and structured products, and on class action and derivative litigation in federal and state courts.” This gives one some pause in assessing who she is and her agenda . . . . who’s likely to be more to her and her clients’ liking as President, Clinton or Sanders?

By no means does Sanders have all of the answers, and there appear to be holes in his proposals; nor does he have all of the skills needed as President (and no new President ever has) . . . . and without a change in the congress, neither he nor Hillary will be able to get much done. I prefer to go with Sanders as a “shot-over-the-bow” to more-of-the-same/ politics as usual . . . and should he become the candidate and win the Presidency (and the Democrat, whoever it is, WILL win), all of the political pros will be shaken to their boots, and the GOP will certainly have crashed, and we will have a new landscape from which to try to EVOLVE a more equitable system more closely conforming to the ideals of our country’s founding principles. For us curmudgeons, this is our last chance to support a bloodless revolution that might benefit our progeny. If Sanders doesn’t make it, I will certainly support Hillary. Let’s go for Sanders until we can’t!