William McKeen
May 25 · 1 min read
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Does This Make Any Sense To You ?

The ALL is the essence in all. A thing in itself is nothing. Only in relation to something else does it become. It cannot change or multiply itself unless it divides itself and it can not divide itself unless it meets a force of greater power than its own. To aid that process there are within our universe these two great forces, the “positive and negative” aspect of nature. The very foundation of all creation in the material world.

As the Sun is to Mother Earth. Male to female. Yang to yin and and protons to neutrons. You can see some of it every day right outside your door in the animal kingdom and plant life. From the ground up came organic matter which begat vegetation, fish, birds, animals and later came humans, which in turn created fixed matter, tools, shelter, household goods and weapons. (Along with the other ten thousand things) In a mathematical sense “we” add, subtract, multiply and divide. Despite this great gift of endless creativity, we still remain “Always in motion never still. Always becoming never being. Spin, spin and spin.”

William McKeen

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A Reductionist trying to keep it simple. Otherwise it's spin, spin and spin.