A closer look at ride-sharing platforms and how decentralized protocols like Tezos can purport several advantages as compared to traditional counterparts

Recently, we were enlightened to some interesting news around TADA, a ride-hailing platform moving towards Tezos. Of the reasons cited for this move, we will explore further within this post.

As Tezos continues to bolster a more sustainable and eco-friendly attraction for creators, collectors, businesses, and more we’re beginning to witness some interesting projects/developments follow.

Why Blockchain?

Before understanding the potential usage of blockchain, we should first cross a few common misconceptions when it comes to ride-hailing and ride-sharing. The two are quite the opposite and should not be intertwined nor confused with one another.

Let’s say you live in the city…

A closer look at Tezos Profiles and how they are solving a missing piece towards further adoption within the NFT space.

As we have begun to witness the growth and increase in adoption towards popular NFT/creator platforms like H=N, Kalamint, and others, it comes as significant importance in building on top of the efforts made thus far.

What’s beginning to become clear is that there’s a missing piece within the NFT space that is hindering further adoption towards the mainstream culture and enthusiasts alike. One way in which that can possibly begin to be reshaped upon and will be explained in this post.

What is Tezos Profiles?

Tezos Profiles is a means to associate real-world public credentials with your Tezos account. This is specifically geared…

A dive into some of the problems facing existing oracle solutions and how ubinetic oracles expands on this dilemma with bridging non-crypto data on-chain.

In contemporary blockchain protocols it remains a task to secure data from outside the blockchain in a trust-less manner. This act of bridging off-chain data directly on-chain has been one of significant proportion and thus far Chainlink has showcased this with their oracle solution. However, what remains a further problem is getting non-crypto data and bringing it on-chain in a trust-less manner.

In this post, we’re going to detail the motivation, breakdown, and use cases of ubinetic oracles.


The main motivation behind this oracle solution revolves around allowing the building of DApp’s (“decentralized applications”) which rely on all sorts of…

In this post, Oliver Simon and Alexander Eichhorn of Blockwatch Data outline the significance of TzGo and why it matters for fostering further Tezos network growth as on-chain metrics continue to climb rapidly.

What is TzGo?

We spoke with Blockwatch Data and this is what they had to say. TzGo is a new library for Golang developers who are looking for an easy and robust way to access Tezos on-chain data and to interact with the Tezos blockchain. We originally built different parts of TzGo as internal tools at Blockwatch to help us fetch and decode data for our popular Tezos Block Explorer TzStats and our connected data APIs. We are working a lot with Go and are looking for maximum performance, memory efficiency, and correctness. Essentially, we needed a library that could handle Tezos data…

A closer look into one of the features of the Granada proposed protocol upgrade — Liquidity Baking.

With the recent injection of the proposed protocol upgrade Granada, we’ve been met with the introduction of several new potential features for the Tezos network. Of those features, one comes as that of significant discourse and I feel it’s important to weigh the benefits around introducing liquidity provision as a public good for the Tezos network.

In this post, we’re going to dissect what benefits come with having more liquidity and what it would bring to the Tezos network.

What can we expect?

Beyond what we’ve witnessed showcased in previous upgrades around the ability of Tezos to upgrade the way in which it upgrades…

A dive into the nature and significance of the latest proposed protocol upgrade for Tezos — Granada

With the recent injection of proposed protocol upgrade Granada we’ve been met with a few questions around the nature of some of the features proposed. In this post, we’re going to dissect what these features are and mean for the Tezos network on a high-level.

Enter Granada

As we’re witnessing another step forward in Tezos’ revolving evolution, we’ve been met with the introduction of a few new features. These features (if adopted) will impact the Tezos network in a positive way ranging from improving finality time in the protocol by one-half, liquidity provision, and gas optimizations for smart contracts.

With the adoption…

A closer look into SEXP, a new synthetic asset DEX (“Decentralized Exchange”) coming to the Tezos network.

Lately, we’ve begun to witness an explosion of DeFi (“decentralized finance”) protocols and organic growth attributed towards the Tezos DeFi ecosystem. There’s a few reasons that can be directly contributed for the growth we’re witnessing today.

In this post, we will go over those very reasons and learn more about the upcoming synthetic asset DEX on Tezos from Smart Contract Labs — SEXP.

The Importance of the Delphi & Edo Upgrades

Pulling back the curtains, I feel like many of us tend to overlook one of the main application that Tezos offers. That application is Tezos’ ability to self-amend, or evolve over time. …

Red Bull Racing Honda has selected the Tezos blockchain as its official blockchain partner for the construction of its first ever NFT art experience.

Today, we received some exciting developments from the Formula 1 racing team — Red Bull Racing Honda. In this post, we’re going to discern why this is a significant step forward towards mass adoption of Tezos.

Making Tezos “Cool”

As many of us can easily glean, Formula 1 racing is a big deal. Worldwide TV viewership of Formula 1 races was roughly 433 million in 2020 alone, and that is considering the impacts of lockdowns due to COVID-19 and public social settings.

The decision by Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing Honda (one of the most successful F1 racing teams mind you) to…

A dive into the nature and significance of the Tezos protocol upgrade: Florence

Yesterday, we witnessed the autonomous activation of the Tezos protocol upgrade Florence. This recent upgrade represents the sixth successful on-chain upgrade taken place on the Tezos network to date.

In this post, we’re going to discuss what the activation of Florence means and why it comes as a significant upgrade for the network with select quotes from bakers such as Happy Tezos.

Enter Florence

After witnessing what was perhaps the most significant upgrade to date with Edo, we’re seeing the strains tested for the continuous evolution of the Tezos network with the activation of Florence.

With the passing of protocol upgrade Edo…

TRUESY is a new NFT platform from DMA United that will make use of the Tezos blockchain.

Today, DMA United in collaboration with TQ Tezos launched the TRUESY NFT platform which will make use of the Tezos blockchain for minting and distributing eco-friendly NFT’s.

As lockdown from COVID-19 has dissuaded the use of public galleries for showcasing artwork, a new frontier has evolved from what was a subtle momentum shift in defining value. That momentum shift has taken several things that normally exist physically (art, money, sports, etc.) and is rapidly transforming those things into digital alternatives.

DMA United is an advertising and representation agency that has clients such as HBO, Warner Bros., NBA, Sony, and more…

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