Hi I am William Meister.

I absolutely love photography and this is my story.

About three years ago my dad handed me a camera and asked me to take some pictures. I thought why not it will be fun. This specific camera was the Canon Rebel XTi. I took some photographs and obviously being my first time using a dslr I was not very good at this. I thought to myself, this is so hard what’s even the point. After that I realized that photography was not an easy thing and I wanted to try again. So I did. I started taking photographs and I loved it! I could not stop and thought I never would.

Last year is when I really started to realize, I am getting good at this I should keep doing this and people told me that they loved my photography and this was crazy to me because two years ago I was horrible at it and thought I could never do it.

Around December of last year one of my grandma’s very close friends contacted me and gave me something that I never could even dream of having. She gave me a brand new Canon T2i because she thought that I was really going somewhere with my photography. I have recently realized that I am actually after three YEARS I have gotten very good at this form of art. Now by no means am I as good as someone like Ansel Adams was but I am slowly getting there.

A lot of teens specifically teens that are in the age range of 13–16 think, oh I will take some pics (as they call them) and post them to my instagram so that everyone will see how amazing I am. These teens are most of the time going to get their own feelings hurt. I say this because most teens post a picture to social media every DAY. If they do not get a certain number of likes on a photograph in a day they take it down. I have realized that it is not that simple.

If you were to take a photograph and you think it is the best photograph you have ever taken and then you post it to “social media” and it doesn’t get the amount of likes you want it to. Keep it up. See what people say and if it is mostly negative reviews, take those negative comments and turn them into suggestions. Take what people say about your “amazing” photograph and use those things to make better photographs and better content whatever you do.

You might be wandering how old I am. I am fourteen. I realize all of these thugs because I do not surround myself with the type of people like that. Yes I did say that teens 13–16 do this the most. This is true but I feel that I can tell you this even being the age that I am.

I would like people to know these things because it is so true. It is because all people focus on is social media and trying to get a huge following on social media. Let me tell you. I have some amazing photographs in my opinion. Notice I said MY opinion. You may think that they are terrible and some of them are. I can admit that because I tell myself when I take a bad photograph and try to figure out what I did wrong.

Now almost ever day I have people at my school or in my family asking if they can buy my prints and the first person I sold to was my eighth grade math teacher. (I am in eighth grade right now.)

I want everyone that reads this to think what they can do better with their hobbies, art styles, or just life in general. Thank you for reading this article that I wrote in my bed at 6:11 PM on a Monday in 2017.

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