My Big Beef with Bernie
Andrew McLaughlin

I’ve been around for awhile. I was around for the assassination of JFK, RFK and MLK all great men of good will with a great vision for America. It all happened in the space of half a decade. Since then the coercion of money has distorted and corrupted the ‘party for the people’ into the third way Democratic party that we behold today. I’m not going to go into the whys and wherefores of what is happening because without having lived it you will never believe it. I will say this however. I’ve seen some good people come and go and Bernie Sanders is head and shoulders above anyone I’ve seen in 40+ years. I saw what he did for Burlington Vermont and he faced similar obstacles then. He rallied his energy and made that city one of the best small cities in America. He has the the highest rating of any Senator in the house. You should also actually look at his voting record in the Congress and Senate. Now… Hillary Clinton reeks of insincerity. You can’t take her out in public because she doesn’t set her mind in motion before sounds come out of her mouth. Her foresight and decision making skills are abysmal as evidenced by who she befriends, who she appoints and what she has done in terms of foreign affairs. Is she a criminal? I doubt it. Has she done good things in the realm of very narrow social reform? Sure. But, by the same token, she is nowhere near a standard of presidential material even in these times when there is a dearth of such. That’s not an opinion that is simply and plainly a fact. So, Andrew where’s the beef? Maybe it would behoove you to do an expose of the way big money has corrupted the system by doing away with so many of the checks and balances that were set in place between The depression and say 1960. Make it easy and start with the Fairness Doctrine and work your way to present day. I’ll bet those conversations concerning critical thinking in psych will kick in and you’ll understand why Sanders is the only choice to save our nation.