Christian Outreach to the Lost

Why reach out?

In 2013 I was in the worst state I have ever been in and had gone without sleep for several days straight which landed me in a psych ward. Who knew sleep was so important? On the inside I was selfish, angry, bitter, cynical, hate filled and felt all alone but while in the ward I was introduced to Godly principle’s which gave me hope for the future.

When I got out over a week later I started my journey of life with God. It was and still is a process but I have since been delivered of most of my selfishness & all of that anger, bitterness, cynicism, hatred & loneliness.

Even while I was on disability I was able to see the amazing transformation that the Gospel had worked in me and I seen the need for so many other’s who are in similar position’s.

Method’s of Outreach…

There is two primary method’s of outreach I have seen other Christian’s use. One is seemly ineffective and even offensive to people which is “Turn or Burn!” and the other is what the New Testament teaches which is to love your neighbor & show him the goodness of God.

Far too many Christian’s unknowingly use the “Turn of Burn method” thinking they are doing what the New Testament command’s but Roman’s 4:2 say’s it is the goodness of God that lead’s people to repentance. There is a place for showing man’s need of a savior thru the law but it should be done in love.

Christian’s are called to be the light of Christ to the entire world. Jesus Christ showed love & mercy to those who were sinful. The only people He openly rebuked were the religious hypocrites of the day which were the Scribe’s & Pharisee’s.

Proper Identity

The Christian’s duty is Mathew 28:19–20 which is to help people to learn of Jesus Christ, believe on Him, and to obey His teachings. Jesus Christ continually loved those He taught even to those who put Him on the cross.

When a Christian has a proper picture of who he is called to be then He can help other’s to do the same. So a Christian is to be an ambassador of hope (2 Corinthians 5:20; Colosians 1:27) to all people and working to aid them in all aspects of life.


What is presented in the New Testament is a message of hope about new life in Christ and all the old thing’s passing away. There is hope of the life that now is and more importantly the life that is to come.

Christian’s know that this earth is not our home and that when we die we will be received into an everlasting Kingdom where there will be no pain, sorrow or tears.

Call to Action

To those who are hurting I would encourage you to reach out to your creator, He is an ever present help and will give you the comforter which is the Holy Spirit to aid you if you just ask.

To my brother’s and sister’s in Christ I would encourage you to always walk in the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22–23) with people and reach out to this world. Do what you can to make a difference with what you have been given even if it doesn’t seem like much.

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