January 2020 — Node.js & Express

William A. Mooney
Jan 25 · 3 min read

After having a two week break over Christmas & New Years I came back to Lambda with renewed enthusiasm and finished our Unit 3’s build week. The rest of the month consisted of learning about Node.js & Express.

After a several month hiatus on Medium I am finally back. I spent September thru December 2019 learning about React & friends at Lambda School. I also had a good portion of it sick from infections.

Toward the end of December I was getting burnt out and was very excited for our two week break over the holidays. I mostly spent it listening to Audible audio books, gaming and watching a few movies.

Once getting back I was on fire again and finished out Lambda’s Unit 3 build week. We had some setbacks and our back-end wasn’t ready for us until late in the last week. We didn’t finish as much as I would have liked but I’m satisfied with what we did accomplish.

Unit 3 Build Week:

Project: https://africa-market-pt2-react.netlify.com/
Github: https://github.com/internationalrural-school-report/FrontEnd

Unit 4 — Node.js & Express

Before unit 4 started I had a couple days to get a head start on learning Node.js & Express. I started reading Web Development with Node and Express (2nd ed.) by Ethan Brown over the weekend.

It was slow going but then when I got to class the next week the instruction cranked up the learning tremendously. During the first day we were already coding out the entire CRUD functionality on Node servers that we built using Express.

I spent my time outside of class continuing to read and occasionally watching video’s on Node & Express. One thing I noticed very quickly was that writing servers with native Node.js syntax was a lot more time consuming and troublesome than working with the Express framework for Node.

During our first sprint for backend we focused on building API’s with Express & it has been a lot of fun to work with. I especially like how middleware works. It has helped to make my code DRY and also easier to read. We also learned how to deploy our apps to Heroku which was a breeze.

My first sprint challenge tested us on stuff we went over the two week period and I didn’t have any problems completing it even though we were given less information then on previous projects.

During the last week of the month we learned about data persistence with Knex which is a SQL query builder.

This month I’ve really stepped up my study outside of class time and have been happy with my progress. I’m hoping to continue this trend.

Stay tuned and be sure to follow me!

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William A. Mooney

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Christ Centered Dev. || Developer || Blogger

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