Version-Controlled Design Collaboration Workflow in Sketch
1416 is a great concept, and in my opinion version control for Designers is something that simply has to happen. It should be a natural first step in any design environment / workflow.

Just for the sake of comparison, it’s worth checking out the new version control. They released it about 2 weeks ago and so far it’s very easy to use in a Sketch workflow, though anything more than two revisions requires a paid plan.

I don’t work for, but I’ve used their tools on a number of large complex projects with 100’s of screens and distributed teams. It’s been a great tool to keep us all focused.

The other ones to check out are:

  1. the latest build from InVision’s Craft plugin. My guess is that InVision will likely push their version control concept pretty hard in the coming months too. I’d expect this will be baked into the Craft eco-system — especially given the launch of the new FreeHand concept which will inevitably require tracking changes from hand drawn UI/UX to Sketch to Prototype.
  2. — Anton Winogradov has been working on this for a few years now. It looks promising.
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