David Hockney is one of my favorite artists. Two years ago, I went to see his exhibition at DeYoung Museum. I love his colossal canvases, delicate drawings, and inventive montages. But I felt very disappointed when I saw his iPad and iPhone drawings.

In his Woldgate charcoal drawings, for example…

Point, Form, and Space — an experiment

By a like law we see how earth is pied
With shells and conchs, where, with soft waves, the sea
Beats on the thirsty sands of curving shores. …

Kubist transforms an ordinary image into cubism-like composition. You can play with the web app and get the source code.

A few years ago, I came across a curious image made of colorful triangular tiles. The triangles seemed to be placed randomly, and somehow they looked rhythmic and unified. …

While well-cooked pasta is good for teeth, well-designed pasta is food for thought. When I was living in a small Italian town, I cooked pasta and contemplated upon their forms in idle evenings.

What a fantastic medium to capture tomato sauce indeed!

Spaghetti often isn’t sauce enough, and Rigatoni sometimes has too much. Variations of Fusilli (spiral-shape), Farfalle (butterfly-shaped), and Casarecce (has a nice twist) are lovely, practical, well-engineered solutions.

But my favourite is Canalini: it is like Linguini but with a “canal” in the middle, into which the perfect amount of sauce flows. It is an intellectual pasta.

Because of these witty, elegant, and high-carb inventions, life is good.

(Testing medium with a little piece written in 2009)

William Ngan

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