Are you Living Under the Constant Fear of Vehicle Theft? These Anti-Theft Devices can Help

Car theft is a major issue in the U.S. According to a report, almost 15 million cars are stolen in the country every year. To make matters worse, the recovery rate stands at an abysmal 15 percent. It is therefore, important that you keep your guards up when buying a used vehicle and run a vehicle history check before putting your money down. Use simple keywords to get VIN reports. If, for instance, you are buying a BMW car, an appropriate keyword can be BMW VIN check. To help car owners avoid vehicle theft, manufacturers, over the years have come up with a number of anti-theft devices. In this post, we take a look at some such useful devices. Read on.

1. Steering Wheel Lock bar

Steering wheel lock bars lock bar slides over vehicle’s steering, making it impossible for the thief to turn the wheel. Made from hardened metal, these bars are very difficult to cut. When not in use, you can slide the device inwards, making it more compact and, therefore, easy to store. Steering wheel lock bars are easy to use and can be engaged in seconds. This is also one of the most affordable anti-theft devices on the market , with some brands costing less than $50.

2. Kill Switch

Some kill switches are stand-alone devices, while others work with an alarm system. When a thief tries to start the car without using keys, the device disengages the vehicle’s electrical system or cuts the fuel supply, thereby, making it impossible for the person to start the car. However, if the device malfunctions, the strategy can backfire and you may find it impossible to drive your car, until it is repaired. Kill switches, typically cost under $100.

3. Tracking Device

GPS devices are primarily used in two ways, to track the car after it is stolen or disconnect the vehicle remotely after vehicle theft is reported. Using a sticker on the car notifying the passers by about the use of a GPS device can act as a potent deterrent against vehicle theft. Tracking devices, however, are typically costly, and the manufacturer may demand an extra fee to monitor the stolen vehicle.

4. Brake Lock

A brake lock attaches with the car’s brake pedal, locking behind it. The only way out for the thief is to cut the device, which is an uphill task as these locks are made of hardened metal. Cutting the brake pedal is not an option as it would render the car undriveable. One of the most affordable anti-theft devices on the market, brake locks, typically cost under $40.

Turn Your Car Into a Fortress

These are some devices that can help you avoid vehicle theft. In addition to using these anti-theft devices, you can also opt for a car alarm that makes it impossible for a thief to operate anonymously. Irrespective of the device you chose, before putting your money down, learn how it works and enquire the retailer about warranty and other important info.