Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Hi Owen, thanks for setting out the questions that many anti-Corbyn people seem loath to engage with. I agree with many below that the social movement precipitated by Corbyn’s leadership has the best chance in attending to these questions and fulfilling some meaningful change in the country and a world which is in severe crisis. Any alternative Labour vision that could be offered by the current PLP is regressive, entrenches a broken system and seems alarmingly disingenuous and out of kilter with the premise of a Labour party. A couple of points: many people voted leave in the Brexit referendum out of frustration with technocratic political classes that do nothing for them; we need policies that help people lead reasonable lives in a globalised world and make sure that real concerns about a migratory work force are dealt with fairly and plausibly not bolster racist deflections away from the root causes of people’s dissatisfaction; more people have left Labour in search of alternative parties perceived as more socially just (SNP, UKIP, Green, Plaid Cymru) than the Tories, non-Corbyn Labour alternatives will not win back these core voters; the more neoliberal wing of the Labour party seem to have made the cynical calculation that they must control the party or no-one else can, and I fear that they now want to obliterate the party so that their neo-SDP move will have more success than that previous centrist defection which handed us 14 years of Tory government. Many more people have many more answers — would you now, please, from a position of not believing that Corbyn can effectively lead the left, help to vocally denounce the undemocartic smears that emanate from the PLP (where are the apologies from Ian Watson, Sima Malhotra, Tessa Jowel, Jim Murphy etc)