We’ve all at a point in time said a variant of these statements; this who i am, you either accept me or you don’t, I was born this way or something related. But the truth is that we are who we choose to be, and can decide on how we choose to react when in a difficult or trying situation. Unfortunately most of the times we choose the easier route leaving the matter to fate instead of working on ourselves

Adaptability involves changing one’s core belief to be successful in a given situation, this is very challenging and its something I have been going through since the beginning of the bootcamp. From asking for help to communicating with others and a couple others. Things I have always thought is just how I am, are now things I get excited to do. This won’t have been possible if I had not chosen to unlearn some wrong ways of thinking.

To be adaptable is to not have a fixed mindset, to be ready to learn, to be able to give what it takes to achieve what is desired of a certain task.

Thanks for reading.