be calm…

Woke up from a five hour sleep, the only time i had shut my eyes in about 30 hours, after a brief session of prayer, I was eager to take my bath and leave the house so i don’t get stuck in traffic and meet up with my group members so we can work on the api for the app we are building, sorry i never mentioned that all this while, its a simple app that allows users to share recipes they’ve just learnt or invented(it’s called more recipes).

I got to the epic tower earlier than my new friends and at the moment I sat down to start work before their arrival my heart started beating so fast that you could hear it, i guess it my subconsciousness reminding i have work to do and there isn’t time. We are to build the api for the app before tomorrow and i hadn’t started.

So I reached out, first a dm to a friend who has been programming for longer than i have turns out he was busy but he did give some helpful insight. Then onto devcenter square JS channel(a community of developers in nigeria) and i was lucky to get some insight from a member of the community, then to the bootcamp’s slack channel and like before i got help. It didn’t seem enough so i stood up to ask around and like before I got help(actually got to make a new friend) and this time I felt confident enough to start working. I got hit with another challenge along the way but this time I didn’t spend a lot of time worrying, so I reached out to my Learning facilitator and he was of great help.

The point I’m trying to make is that whenever you feel you are in a conner and there’s no way out remember that you aren’t the last person on earth don’t spend time feeling helpless instead reach out and ask for help.

Thanks for reading.

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