I never expected this…

The title sounds funny or at least that’s my intention, but honestly things going on right now are no jokes at all, I know andela has a very low acceptance rate but I honestly didn’t think it would be this challenging, note this is coming from someone who aced the cambridge A’ levels which until now I have considered as my most challenging life experience.

Writing the A’ levels really pushed me to study hard but the andela bootcamp experience is doing way more than that. In only two days I’ve had a lot to learn: tdd, growth mindset, seeking feedback, agile methodology, handling deadlines and a couple others.

I belong to a group of 5, today I worked with two members(ikenna and Iveren) of my group and although there was pressure to complete today’s output as it is called it was really fun collaborating and getting to know them.

Asides the intensity, it honestly as been an eye opening experience and I’m pretty sure no matter the outcome of the bootcamp I would be a changed person. I’m looking forward to meeting more people, completing my daily outputs, my final project and other challenges that are to come.

Thanks for reading.