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“Interaction design is a process in which designers focus on creating engaging web interfaces with logical and thought out behaviors and actions. Successful interactive design uses technology and principles of good communication to create desired user experiences.”

Prototype Drawing of Bird Data Collection App

The goal of the class was to get a better understanding of what Interaction Design really is. Through each task performed during studio, I refined my ideas in order to create a more engaging web interface that would best fit the projected demographic.

Hired by scientists who are in need of an app that collects animal data from the community. With the goal to track the location of various bird species in the user’s location, scientists will collect data submitted through by the community using several necessary features.

  • In-app Navigation
  • Numeric/Sensor Data
  • Additional Feature
  • Textual Information
  • Motivation

Overcoming intimidating interfaces regarding data collection, I decided to make the app easily navigable. Using large tabs and extinctive arrows, this application can be be used by virtually demographic. I also decided to utilize all the sensors a smartphone has to offer. These features include the camera, GPS, and microphone. While the camera, GPS, and microphone are used while recording the bird data, the GPS seconds as a pedometer to see how far users walk while using the app. My design includes a list of all the bird species in the regional area, motivating users to collected more data and fill the list. Finally, the users are required to input textual information, such as size and color of the bird species. Additionally, pictures can be submitted along with an audio recording of the bird’s song.

This assignment was very valuable in teaching me the specific requirements an interaction Designer has to meet. Because I have been tasked with the goal of creating a shared data repository for animal census data app, I wanted to make sure it would be easy enough for the everyday person to use. Despite my target audience being bird enthusiasts, I believe anyone who uses the app can navigate through it and record bird census data. Some realizations discovered during the design process worth noting include; attention to navigation, utilizing smartphone abilities , and satisfying the cliental. It is also important to work in team during the brainstorming process. While preforming a Charette, the best results will come from multiple minds working together to create a viable solution.

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