How I structure my creative engagements, exceed expectations, stick to a process, and produce work that keeps clients coming back

Whether comprised of a single individual or a large cross-functional team, every creative studio has a process. The process keeps us on track and provides a clear, transparent path to success throughout the creative engagement.

Some processes are proprietary; some are complex. Most are honed through trial and error over the course of years and many projects. …

Three guiding principles to help you create a logo that really stands out

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“I’ll know it when I see it.”


To a designer, this non-specific direction can be frustrating to receive — but there is a glimmer of value hiding in those shadows. Most people can identify an objectively great logo when they see one, even if they can’t tell you exactly why it’s great.

That’s the thing about logos. The quality of a logomark is mostly subjective. Mostly. But great brand identity is designed to stand out. It sets itself apart, both from the drafts left on the cutting room floor and from competitor brands.

Brand identity designers are challenged with…

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I host a creative meeting every Wednesday with my digital, video, and design staff, and each one begins with a creative exercise. If you’re anything like me, it can be tough coming up with new icebreakers week after week. Whether you’re meeting clients during a discovery phase, leading a design sprint, or you just want a fun activity to get out of a creative rut, here are 10 ideas that may help jumpstart your team’s creativity.

Four Albums Forever

Background: A cosmic ray has hit the Earth, but don’t worry! Almost everything is going to be ok. For reasons unbeknownst to you or…

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My path to the creative field was far from a linear one. I’m a history undergrad with a graduate degree in international administration. I went to a fine arts magnet high school where I dabbled in film, graphic design, and creative writing.

But because I lack post-secondary education in the arts or advertising, I have relied on books and work experience to fill any knowledge gaps that linger.

All that is to say, I’ve read hundreds of pages over the last ten years that have brought me up to speed and taught me new ways of thinking about the creative…

William Probus

Writer, Creative Director, & Brand Identity Specialist. Currently: Senior Designer at Augusta National Golf Club |

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