Health insurance deductibles on the rise.

How are some companies and individuals actually saving time and money when it comes to their healthcare costs? The answer is by changing their behaviors. By utilizing the latest technologies offered by telemedicine providers they are able to access doctor networks 24 x 7 via phone or video. No driving and and some companies offer an affordable monthly membership to their network with no deductibles.

Recent research shows that 70% of doctors visits could have been done over the phone. These new age companies are leveraging the desire for on demand medical consultation with wellness applications. These downloadable apps give the end user a full wellness experience with the ability to consult with a doctor any day or night as well as having a health coach.

Companies like Teladoc and HealthiestYou offer very unique experiences to their members. Teladoc is usually offered through employer benefit packages and focuses on the 24 x 7 doctor access as well as the ability to receive certain prescriptions via a phone consultation. HealthiestYou focuses on the individual as well as offering a company sponsored plan. The healthiest you network focuses on the wellness aspect as well as the desired 24 x 7 doctor network. You receive health tips, diet tips, prescription comparisons as well as anytime doctor consultations via phone or video chat.

Will these new companies and technologies put the local doctor out of business? The answer is NO they will not. They will be partners with these same doctors as Uber is with their drivers. A constantly changing medical landscape will be offering the consumer many choices on how they receive medical care.

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