I have $1000 in my bank account and I need to pay for a university education. Yes, NEED.

I have grown up in a small town, and at times the urge to leave has been so intense, that I find myself physically pained at the thought of staying. So when my mother tells me to stay home for a few years after high school, I become angry. Not at my mom, but at the thought of delaying my departure by any length of time. But can I actually leave?

The cost of staying home is near zero, while the cost of attending a university is upwards of $25,000. That’s quite the difference. Yes, if I stayed home I could save money, go to a junior college, and transfer away later, but is it really worth it? The average transfer rate out of my local junior college is 10%, and the average number of years spent in school is 3 years. If I transferred into a university after that, I would still have to do 2+ years in school, whereas if I go now, I get put into a guaranteed 4-year graduation program. That’s less school, less hassle, less worry.

What are the consequences of staying home? I would be stuck with people who have been at the JC for 3+ years, I wouldn’t be exposed to the likeminded people that a university would offer, and I would be surrounded by the same people I have been around all of my life. Closed-minded, racist, conservative Christians who have never experienced life outside of their own realm.

I want to see new things, meet new people, and learn. I’m ready to leave, and if that means financial insecurity, struggle, and uncertainty…bring it on.

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