Late Night Thoughts

It’s usually in the night when the deep thoughts run through the mind for most people. It’s crazy how sometimes things can change, one day you can have someone in your life and things will remain the same for awhile but then when they just disappear then what?


For the most part, if it’s someone you love then a majority of people know that how much it hurts to see that things are going well and then it all blows up in your face like nothing was ever there. One day your happy right? And next thing you know your alone and isloated in your own mind. Then it hits you hard to the point where you question yourself “where did it all go wrong?” to some extent people leave because they feel like it’s not the right time to be if your life or to have you in theirs.

Everything can go perfect but when you get that feeling that it’s not the right time to be with someone or you feel like there’s other people who you can grow with, find those other people. Relationships require growth and prosperity and if your relationship isn’t growing in a positive matter it might not be the right time to be with that individual.


You need to progress within yourself and if you choose to progress with someone by your side that’s fine as long as they don’t bring you down because the only way is up. You need someone to hold you down and always stick around by your side when times get tough because that’s a person who is willing to go through hell and back with you to make sure you become successful in life together.

When someone says they love you and then switch up and push you away because they’re in a mood where they don’t want someone to talk to them you can always try to help even when they don’t want it show them you care but yet they don’t try and fix things. Don’t feel sorry for yourself because someone doesn’t want your sympathy because you can be better off with almost anyone else who is willing to comply and work with you to ensure both of you are happy.

Strive for Success

Strive and prosper. That’s what the whole point of this is find someone to make you happy and help you fill the void in your chest. If you love someone think twice. Never go to an individual thinking you love them when you don’t even know a thing about them or their past. Yes I’ve seen this happen where people rush too quickly in relationships and it never ends well of course. One thing I feel like it is extremely important in a relationship is the future. Be with someone who has plans for the future and not who doesn’t have a clue on what to do because how are you supposed to grow with each other if you don’t plan for what’s ahead and better yourselves so you won’t be going through the struggle on living and surviving together if only one person is doing all the work. It takes two.

It Takes Time

It really takes a lot of time to truly define your love for someone or find it. You can be on their mind and they can be on yours. But always keep a thought in your head that the person you think you love is going to treat you right and show you enough love. There’s always gonna be someone out there that can treat you better and thinks you deserve to be loved and help you forget about the flaws of the world, find a person to take a late night drive with and catch a vibe where no words are spoken but the love and affection is running deep. Just ease your mind until you find a person who deserves you and can give you the best even when you have been through your worst. It takes time to find that vibe with someone which sparks your love and makes life better, just find someone that is down for you that’s what you need.