Sooooo, I’m moving to Africa

Well, we’ll see what happens when I get there. Because if don’t like it I’m coming right the fuck back but that wouldn’t be the ideal scenario. Yes, I am returning to the “Motherland.” Tanzania (I think) to be exact. Why? The short answer is I’m tired of white people. The long answer is, I’d rather rather watch western “civilzation” crumble from the stands, not the sidelines. Those of us who’ve resolved enough our generational trauma know spending too much time around crazy people will drive you completely insane. Western “culture” is by nature total chaos and insanity. Now that I’m healthier I can really feel it making me sick and I don’t like it. I believe Kaba Kamene called it cultural “vomit.” Things stolen but not understood, blended together into a soup of nothingness that doesn’t really agree with anyone’s stomach. I’ve had enough. I’m tire of being sick and tired and now I’m out. These last two years have been especially daunting but also more revealing than I ever could have imagined or hoped for. Whatever c-vid was supposed to be, what it seems to have turned into for so many people is an opportunity to evaluate and re-establish what really matters in life. I’m no exception.

When I first started fixing up my apartment my initial goal was to sell. For a time, when my business was just lying there like a dead duck my goal was to sell, move back to my family’s land in Alabama and start a working farm. I was going to build bungalow’s to rent out to foolish hipsters and city kids who like to go on those farm excursions where they actually pay money to do farm chores. Straying too far from the source will really have you doing crazy shit. I was on this path until I received a message from my ancestors (through a medium) that I’m not supposed to sell my house. So that’s it. I’m not selling. Now I’m fixing it up because it needs it but also because I’m going to let it as an executive rental until my ancestor’s larger vision for me in this building is designated to take place.

The past two years have been a real rebirth for me in many ways. I’ve been forced to confront myself and deal with some of my most self-sabotaging habits. (I’m currently losing the battle of the bulge but I REFUSE to invest in a new wardrobe so I know my ultimate victory is assured!) Confront my fear and decide if it’s driving the boat or if I am. We’re still battling that one out as things continue to move forward. I’ve also had to make some serious decisions about what I truly want out of life and what I plan to do to bring my visions forward. The best part of the last two years has been developing a closer relationship with my ancestors. I’ve been aware of their presence for a few years now but talking to them, speaking their names, learning ways to honor and celebrate them and being more considerate of their wishes over my life and their purpose in sending me here have really brought things to a new level. It’s nice to know you’re never alone in that way. Living in a western environment (especially the US and especially, especially NYC) can easily lead to believing in a facade that tells you selfishness is a virtue, isolation is a fact and loneliness is unavoidable. None of these things are true in the spirit word. And they’re a lie in this reality as well. Why else would there be a need for so many distractions…

Not getting distracted is another challenge for me but I’m working on it. For anyone who’s thinking about a starting a business or making any other kind of big life changes I would highly recommend starting with looking at yourself and learning your family history. There are certain things in our bloodlines that should be acknowledged. You’ll find your calling there. Your career path is in your bloodline. I know everyone wants to be an entrepreneur (or a consultant apparently) these days but it’s not meant for all of us. There are more pathways to “success” than what society tells you. The ultimate path to success can be found in realigning yourself to your heritage. Uncovering your family’s past will also show you what needs to be done to heal the trauma and end the generational curses that have been plaguing you and your folks for god knows how long. I still have a lot of that work to do. Healing my bloodline. I already know it’s going to take me physically to some places I otherwise would probably rather not go but it is what it is and this is what I came here to do.

Why Africa? Those of you who are able to focus and don’t suffer with adult ADD have been asking yourselves these last few paragraphs. Because it’s time to return to the source. Things are getting a little too crazy for me here. I don’t want to see where they are headed next. Aside from the spiritual reasons to move on I’ve also done everything I came to New York City to do. I can check every box. That means it’s time to move on to the next thing. The only other city in this country I’d ever want to live in is Miami. While it would be relaxing I can feel it’s not what’s next and I know I would be bored to tears. In fact, the reason I am choosing Dar Es Salaam is because from the photos it looks a lot like Miami! We’ll see if Tanzania is really it for me. The beauty of remote work means I have the freedom to explore. My goal is to basically do the same thing I did before moving to NYC. Visit for a few weeks to make sure I really like it before I dive in headfirst. I have maybe 8 or 9 cities on my list to check out. Some places like Lagos I already know are likely too big and too crazy for me but I still want to confirm. Other places like Addis Ababa I already know will be a little too slow (and possibly a little too shoot em up unless the news is lying…again) but I still want to see for myself. It’s nice to have the freedom to investigate all of these places for myself to establish that I am truly making a choice. Not doing something out of necessity or convenience/inconvenience. I saw it all and this is where I decided to go. That’s the story I plan to tell my kids about when and why I decided to leave the cave people behind and I am committed to the adventure. I’m a little scared but I’m more excited. This is a huge change. Even bigger than moving to New York. I never dreamed I would leave the US but life and my ancestors have been pretty clear about what’s next for me. I don’t intend to argue.

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