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Share your insights locally with Poetry and Dash

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Turn Insights into Actions

Congratulations! The machine learning project you spearheaded at work is complete. You’ve spent months discussing business problems with stakeholders, translating business questions into data questions, acquiring and exploring data, cleaning said data when you saw what a mess it was, choosing an appropriate metric, and building and tuning a machine learning model that gives you great results. You’re finished!

Except… you don’t work for a tech giant, your colleagues aren’t programmers, and you’re the only one who knows how to actually get predictions from the model you built. You probably don’t want to want to spend the foreseeable future exporting…

Use Qgrid to simplify data cleaning and track your changes

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Pandas is powerful and very flexible, but it does have some weaknesses. One big point of friction I ran into is the inability to double-click on a cell and change its value. Below I will outline the context of my problem, explain how I customized my JupyterLab notebook to improve my workflow, and walk through the code required to create this interface.


I started learning Python nearly a year ago, after a friend showed me some really interesting analyses he did with Python for his dissertation on the role of…

Evan Williams

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