Probably not a good idea to publicly slam the company that pays your bills and the CEO that signs…
Kris Gellci

Well said Mr. Gellci. I agree with you wholeheartedly, but what I find frightening is the number of people that agree with her. It is utterly ridiculous to think that your employer is RESPONSIBLE for feeding you. They are not responsible for anything more than providing you the wage upon which you both agreed for services rendered. How one chooses to spend that money is their own decision.

There all of these people on here that liken this girl’s situation to slavery, tyranny, and the fight against oppressive corporations in America’s earlier years. This is far from it; so far that it is laughable. And her allegations of “living in poverty” are flat-out insulting to anyone who truly is, or has ever been. All of the pertinent points have been made (and quite correctly I might add) about what her mistakes were. When anyone can look at your situation (that you find dire enough to literally just insist that strangers put money on your bank account because you’ve experienced the consequences of your actions) and give you many reasons why you failed horribly, you should be ashamed of yourself for not having tried them first before proclaiming to the world that you’ve been sooo abused. Instead of bashing the person who merely points out why she was very wrong in doing what she did, why not understand that the reason that he’s “kicking her while she’s down” is because she CHOSE to make her “plight” subject to public scrutiny? Is that the purpose of making this public? NO, the purpose of it is clearly stated in the last few lines of her letter; My PayPal is…..My Square Cash is…. (interpreted as “I made poor decisions, just like many other young people have, but instead of me learning my lesson and making changes, just give me money.” Mr. Gellci did NOT go and find this girl sitting on the curb and kick her while she was down, he responded to her choice to make her “plight” public, as one should expect when they do so. The thought that everyone should just agree with you is yet another hallmark of the entitled generation that is now hitting the workforce. Did she (or any of the other posters vilifying this gentleman) expect everyone to just agree? Just call him an uncaring asshole and insult his intelligence (yet another overriding trait of entitlement “You don’t agree with me, well you’re stupid!”); there, that’ll solve it. Honestly, he gave the type of advice that anyone should give someone in that position, but if you all think that it is just OK to sit back, whine about it and demand everyone just send her money, then every one of you are just as much of the problem as she is. I have no sympathy for her either.

And yes, she had every right (by the 1st Amendment) to air her grievances publicly, but NOT the right to be free of the consequences of her actions. Her employment was terminated due to a violation of their policy. I know that there have been many assumptions made regarding this situation, but since she was fired for violating policy, you can almost guarantee that she signed a document upon accepting the position that clearly stated that policy. Any job that I have had since the dawn of the internet has required me to sign such a document. So, yes, she exercised her right to free speech, but there was no violation of her rights. Nobody prevented her from speaking, nor was she imprisoned for doing so.

So often anymore you hear one story after another of someone making choices (and presenting them as if they had NO choice), experiencing the inevitable outcome of those choices, then behaving as if it is someone else’s fault. The gentleman that founded Yelp! decided he wanted to own a service that allows individuals to rate their dining experiences for a living, so he made that happen. He didn’t however accept a low-paying position with another company and expect his dream job to just be given to him. I am sure that he made many sacrifices and many good decisions; so did almost every other successful business owner or CEO. He may have even failed horribly a couple of times, like many other successful people in this country. Do some reading on some of the most successful people and how they handled failure. I can guarantee that you will find very few that sat back and demanded sympathy. This idea that everyone DESERVES financial security and a millionaire’s lifestyle (just like they’ve always dreamed) just for showing up to work is completely ridiculous; otherwise we’d have a nation full of movie stars and CEOs. And this idea of a “living wage” for ALL jobs is equally ridiculous. Does anyone understand that, if ALL positions were just given a “living wage” then that wage would soon be at or below poverty level once inflation (and all of these “evil” corporations passing down their increased overhead to their customers) causes massive employment reductions? And, what would happen once everyone is provided this “living wage” when the first entitled person who cannot make sound economical decisions decides that the “living wage” is not enough? Does everyone just sympathize and give that person money? Oh, that’s right, we’ll just take it from the “rich”. But…who decides how much money makes one “rich”? Oh, that’s right, “rich” means “more than I have”. But…if all of the money is taken from the “rich”, THEN what happens when the next entitled person who cannot make sound financial decisions decides that they need more money? Well, somebody has to give them more; who will it be? If you do not like a company’s wages or policies, do not work there. If you don’t like a companies policies, do not patronize that company. Capitalism would then take care of it. She made her attempt at life in the business world, made some mistakes, and got chewed up and spit out. Many, many other people have experienced the same thing (including myself), and have picked themselves back up, dusted off, and have made another go of it.

The business world can be brutal, but it must be that way in order to survive. It it supposed to be. A “living wage” is not a unalienable right, only the pursuit of happiness is. So many people anymore forget or consciously omit the word “pursuit” so that they can just sit back and demand happiness without having to work for it. Many people will read this and remember the sacrifices that they had to make to survive when they were younger and become angry at the fact that this person made none, except for not using her heater. What do you tell all of those who DID make sacrifices (and MANY more than this girl) when you just start giving everyone what they want? “Sorry that you had to work for what you have, we just deserve it for free.” I guess I’ll see all of you comrades in the bread lines. I wonder if they’ll accept all of my “participation trophies” for a loaf of bread because my wheelbarrow full of money (that I EARNED) will be of no value? This steady march towards communism/socialism is absolutely terrifying, but if you keep at it, we’ll all be rewarded with a society with no reasons to work….because work is hard.

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