Balancing Individuality And Familiarity: The Design Process Of Halo Sport 2 Packaging

Ta'Mone Williams
3 min readJan 1, 2024

How We Balanced Individuality and Familiarity in Halo Sport 2 Packaging

Halo Sport 2 is the second generation of the world’s first consumer brain stimulator for athletes and musicians. As a multidisciplinary design team, our goal was to strike the perfect balance between individuality and familiarity while keeping Halo’s ethos intact.

Balancing Individuality and Familiarity

To maintain the brand’s ethos, we began with the bones of the previous product, the hinged gift box with a plaster inner tray and colored cardboard attached to the upper hinge. We incorporated new colors, including white, dark gray, and light gray, to signify growth and evolution.‍

Exploring Color

We delved into the meaning of each color and its significance to the brand. White represents a clean, solid base, while dark gray represents the product’s industrial direction. Light gray represents the brand’s futuristic evolution, leading to a wide range of other products.‍

Taking Hard Lefts

During our packaging process, we made a strategic pivot to create a less expensive box that still exuded a premium feel. We established that white was the cleanest and most direct base for our box, allowing us to highlight the product through photography.

See full mood board here

Dial It In

We utilized product-focused and in-situation photography techniques to highlight the product’s remarkable engineering while helping consumers understand what they were getting. After several meetings, we decided to move forward with product-focused photography, ultimately narrowing down our hero shots to display the headset as a whole while drawing attention to the foam nibs.

“Every part of the packaging is designed to be clean and direct. The design is simple in a world of clutter and constant sensory over-stimulation.”

After hundreds of shots and discussions, the official box is now in distribution. Check out our Halo Sport 2 package’s internal contents and how we struck the perfect balance between individuality and familiarity while keeping the brand’s ethos intact.