Redesigning Philo’s Show Pages

Making information easy to find.

3 min readDec 31, 2023


Philo’s show landing page lacked relevant information, hindering user experience. Through user testing, we identified challenges in finding latest content details. To address this, we proposed and tested a new, user-centric show page design for TV shows, movies, and events. This solution aims to provide clearer information on seasons, episodes, latest releases, and airing schedules, enhancing overall user satisfaction and increasing subscription rates.

Figma Presentation.

Problem: The current show landing page fails to deliver relevant information for Philo’s consumers. Through user testing, it became evident that users struggle to find available episodes, upcoming content, and a comprehensive overview of what is accessible on the website. Particularly, new users visiting show pages express a strong interest in discovering the latest released content. Recognizing that facilitating the discovery of such content increases the likelihood of user sign-ups, it became imperative to address these challenges.

User Insights: User testing revealed significant difficulties in accessing general information about Philo’s content, such as the number of seasons, episodes, details about the latest episodes and seasons, airing schedules, and available actions during airing. The identified issues indicated a need for a more user-friendly and informative show page to enhance the overall user experience.

Solution: To address these concerns, we propose testing a new show page designed to cater specifically to user needs. We recognize three primary types of show pages — TV Show, Movie, and Event. While each type has its unique dynamics within our system, there is a commitment to maintaining overarching design consistency to ensure a seamless user experience.

Implementation: The new show page will focus on providing clearer information about each show, including the number of seasons, episodes, details on the latest releases, and upcoming content. Additionally, it will feature information on airing schedules and actions available during broadcasts. By tailoring the show page to address these concerns, we aim to create a more user-centric experience, ultimately leading to increased user subscriptions.

Expected Outcomes: We anticipate that the implementation of these new show pages will significantly enhance the user experience by providing easily accessible and comprehensive information. This, in turn, is expected to boost user engagement, satisfaction, and, ultimately, subscription rates. The focus on design consistency across different show types ensures a cohesive and intuitive experience for all Philo users.