PW100 Engine: Features and Benefits

Manufactured and supported by Pratt & Whitney is a forerunner to replace those engines that are slow and not reliable. It is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation. The turboprop is a three-shaft configuration engine, which delivers 1,800 to 5,000 horsepower. Also known as PT7 this version of engine is known for low fuel consumptions. Pw 100 engine is a modern revolution that will take the flight of aircrafts to revolutionary heights. Its fuel efficiency can be stated with the fact that it consumes 30–40 percent less fuel as compared to other engines. Bring in the option of environment this engine just gets better. By decreasing the carbon dioxide emission by 50 percent this calls for green revolution in aircraft.

Powered to consume less fuel Pw 100 Engine is a reliable and durable engine made with advance technology to give a high performance. With the power it gives the aircraft can be ridden for long terms with short fuel usage. The flexibility of Pw 100 engine for sale this engine gives now being used in various aircraft applications. Marking its domain in the airlines, coastal surveillance, fire fighting and cargo transport. Total of 38 models of engines have been produced with qualities of two-spool engine and three-shaft. A centrifugal low-pressure impeller is driven by a single stage low-pressure turbine, supercharges a centrifugal high-pressure impeller, driven by a single stage high-pressure turbine. Power is delivered to the offset propeller reduction gearbox via a third shaft, connected to a 2-stage free turbine.

The outcome is a fuel-efficient flight and low emission of CO2 gases.

With the world-class performance this engine modeled to give the aircraft the boost of technology with eco friendliness. PW100 engine marked the revolution of versatility in the aircrafts that is used now days to reach the demands of countries like coastal supply, security and basic transportation. Major applications of this engine are Xian MA60, ATR 42/ATR 72, Bombardier Dash 8, EADS CASA C-295, Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia, Fokker 50/60 and many more. Giving the smooth flight and touching the heights of sky PW100 can’t be denied as best.

Other feature of this engine is that it dry weights 421 kg (929 pounds) only. It has a self-contained oil system and fuel type is Jet A. apart from air service this engine is used in Bombardier Jet train. Striking feature is that the engine has been empowered to give ten thousand hours on swing without a tea break and this striking quality measures it reliability. Giving pilot and crew member easy maintenance and engine operation. Ask superior Pratt & Whitney provided that.