What if Hitler’d Had Nuclear Weapons During World War II?
War Is Boring

The simple truth is there were so many reasons as you pointed out that Germany failed to develop the bomb that I’m not sure this is a area we should explore.I feel a much better question might be if Germany had like England focused on centrifugal compressor jet turbine engines instead of those with axial compressors.Whittle correctly predicted that while axial compressors would be more efficient and have a smaller diameter they would be more sensitive to both intake conditions and downstream pressure and surges,which could in turn produce catastrophic blade failures.Early British engines were known for their longevity while German engines needed to be rebuilt every two flights and often broke down causing jets to come home on just one jet.My guess is a ME-262 would of still outrun our fighters had they used lower rated centrifugal engines but there would of been 6 times the number of jets flying on any given day.I don’t think it would of changed the ending of the war.But it might of caused a lot of our bombers to get shot down toward the end.

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