The Love game of a 23 year old.

Couples are all around, no matter where you go you’ll 100% find a loving couple somewhere in public. Recently I got back from Bluesfest, a festival near Byron Bay, it was couple HEADQUARTERS! Everywhere I looked was a top looking dude with long hair hooking up with his beautiful girlfriend. At first I was jealous, naturally, but then I asked why beat yourself up?

Looking around, and knowing my friends (and their girlfriends) it was hard to distinguish them from me… so I questioned “Is love something you find or something that comes to you by a meere whim of luck?” great question I mean I’ve been stuck in no-mans-land, between one night stands and desperate crushes all my life. What does that long hairded dude do that I don’t? It must be something..right? But what if its not?

I just wanna let you know…if you’ve been fortunate enough to find someone you love please please please cherish that because not all of us get to experience it…especially so early in life. More importantly if you haven’t, or only had a very brief taste of it, go forward! Don’t bash urself up over it. It’s absolutely no value to measure your selfworth. You can love yourself and be proud of it.

In such an incredible world who’s got time to beat themselves up anyway?



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