I won by not winning yet!

It seems quite misleading — How do you win by not winning yet?.
This week has been virtually the most exhilarating and challenging moment of my life yet, and if you have heard of my story of learning, you probably know what I’m talking about by now — Andela’s amazing bootcamp!

I have loved the experience so far, right from the day one when it all began. It took me four straight months to get to the bootcamp and experience what it is I have experienced. Its no new that learning is fun as well as challenging, but how about learning by doing real work, even without being sure if what you are doing is in anyway the right thing!

Day one, was my self learning clinic, where I all the information I used for my learning was based on my choice, although with a little guidance from the instructors.

Day two up through to day four has been what I considered to be the race against time, as tasks that were given to me tested me mentally as well as emotionally — It was during this period I actually experienced what it is to fear an obstacle and to even for the very first conscious time of my life that I actually wanted to Forget Everything And Run.

“If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy”. — Dale Carnegie
Intense activity helps build you in unimaginable ways

Day five — which I consider to be the climax so far, was where I had to collaborate with some of the most resourceful and no doubt amazing minds I’ve ever come across till date — No hype!.
I didn’t even put as much input as some other members of my team, and even when it was clear that I was maybe the lowest person in my team, I still decided to pull myself together and say to myself — “even if it's the smallest input or most basic task I have, and I get no credit for it, for my personal record I was involved in a way.

“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.” — Tony Robbins.

Now you are wondering, how did I win without winning yet? — — — — 
With this experience I have so far, I understand the values of a growth mindset.
So far, I know that although Andela could not be necesarily all about technical skills as it is as soft skills, I know that both combined means success at Andela.
Although I understand that the time I could have used to build up myself in the first for months can’t be recovered, I am not set to waste another day now that I see the holes in the walls that needs to be filled!

Hopefully, I should be expecting a call up for the following week, and if I get to be rejected I would be as glad as if I got into the fellowship(although that’s stretched a little bit), but the story is:
If i get turned down, then I am ready to take the next three months to level up both my technical and soft skills, get myself dirty doing real work, engaging in trackable results, as well as contributing in every way possible.

The vision is beyond making it into the fellowship, because even into the fellowship it doesn’t get easier, and if I can’t show real value in one week, what will I do to win the trust of everyone that I can in four years.
The whole scope on a personal level is Value.

“It is through accomplishment that man makes his contribution and contribution is life’s greatest reward.” — John Portman

The more value I can add, either on a personal or team collaboration level, the more worth living life is for every single person it affects.

“Now is time to start adding value — but I have to level up first, and with this mindset I know I’ve won, even if I’ve the records don’t know that yet!”

Winning is first from inside.