Limitations” only a fiction of the mind.

I haven’t been much of a writer because I always thought I lacked the experience and motivation,all of which were coupled with the fear of…… “what if nobody reads this”.

I have placed myself into believing I wasn’t good enough,letting myself to be downcast,filling my head with everything that could possibly go wrong.

But then I realise that there’s always a first time for everything. I knew I had to come out of that box. I needed to have the faith that I too can be out there,holding up to the world my view of things,even when I know not everyone would agree with them neither appreciate them.

Lao Tsu said: the journey of a thousand miles begin with a step.

I have so many dreams I want to accomplish,and I’ve learnt to dream big,but sometimes they seem too big to be realistic. Sometimes I begin a project and I just seem to lack the motivation,and then I’ll abandon my project.

Certainly I haven’t seem to have the balance I needed,but now I certainly do.

Getting to reshape my personality was not hectic all I just did were these

Stay calm when everything seems to be in a rush

I did this by consciously slowing down my breathing pattern

Think happy thoughts

I close my eyes to find balance and shut off the trouble I’m experiencing at my current task

Take a few minutes to reflect

Then still in the process of happy thoughts, I reflect and point out what the problems are…

Pen it down

Then I grab a pen and paper and perform my analysis, pointing out practical ways I can finish my task

Affrim positively

Then I do a couple of positive affirmations before getting back to work.

It definitely seems a bit of a stretch,but when it comes to finding balance for your inner self, time only becomes a fiction of the mind!.

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