What Now?

The night before I saw the clip from Kevin Hart’s What now show, and for a really good part of it I could relate well with it.

What now? — as it is a question in itself. I get to ask myself, What now?, the reason is: in a few hours from now I’m going to be writing my third college entrance examination, which by the way I am not fascinated about because I’ve got my sight on new height — (maybe not new) but the point is I’ve lost the interest of college a while ago, not because it sucks(although to some extent it does) but because I want to spend my time doing real work and training myself in skills I find relevant to myself, and that is one reason I am grateful to be born in this generation.

What now is not the question I get to ask myself alone, because I just registered for the exam, I didn’t even study Sh!t for it(although I still hope to pass it, even when I don’t know how that’ll happen).
My peers around me would seem really confused at my new found perspective of things, and that is the reason I can’t show anyone my game plan of the coming years, not because I’d love to keep them in the dark, but because if there is anything I know can be a prerequisite to success — It is keeping the dream alive.

In a few hours I’ll be taking the exams like every normal kid in my town, but I know I don’t have my sights on College.
It seems to be like a risky gamble, but when it comes to success — No time for Excuses!.
Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right — All that matters is I’m willing to follow this dream I’ve got to the end of the line.

It is not going to be easy, and when I come across anyone who say’s to me — Hey, since you have decided to skip college; What now? — I’ll tell them,
“Well, It’s a long road, so I’m just trying to stay focused and grounded and keep moving forward.” 
Those were Sturgill Simpson words tho!

I know where I’m headed, it just could take a while!
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