Defy Industry Norms To Excel

William Siebler
Jan 21 · 2 min read

Industry norms. Follow them and you’ll get average results.

Defy them and you can get amazing results.

Every industry has norms (the way things are done in this industry). They develop over time based on people looking at what everyone else does and doing the same thing. Thinking it must work.

However if that were true then everyone in the industry would be doing really well and we know this isn’t the case.

In every industry there are usually about 5% doing really well. another 15% doing fairly well and the rest fighting for scraps.

The 5% doing really well are almost always doing something very different to everyone else in the industry.

So here’s a simple exercise that you can use to breakaway from blindly following industry norms.

Step 1 — Write down all the industry norms you can think of. Focus especially on standard marketing practices, how customers are looked after, whether companies focus on acquiring new clients or looking after existing clients. You can look at any other systems and processes as well here.

Step 2 — For each norm ask is this absolutely necessary? Is this the best possible way to do things? How would a client like to see this done?

Step 3 — Write out how YOU do things differently and why you do. Your clients need to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and why it’s to their advantage.

Step 4 — Market what you do and how you do aggressively. Be prepared to cope flack as you’re going against the status quo and your competition won’t like it and will probably think you’re nuts. But if you stay firm in doing it the way you feel is right and it is in your clients best interests you will come through the other side with a better business.

Any questions welcomed.

William Siebler

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